Our Business

We are an energy company that sits squarely between a growing resource base and expanding petrochemical and energy markets.

We have evolved into a vertically integrated, full-service midstream logistics provider.

How are we doing this? Through our 1-1-3 position in the core activities of the United States midstream industry.

Our 1-1-3 Position

The DCP Midstream enterprise is the largest producer of NGLs in the U.S. We’re also the largest natural gas processing company in the U.S. In fact, we gather and/or process about 12 percent of our nation’s gas supply.

And, with our Sand Hills and Southern Hills NGL pipelines in service, we are the third-largest NGL pipeline operator in the nation. 

Positioned for Success

Our Gathering and Processing business is growing significantly because we have the right assets, in the right place, at the right time. And we’re leveraging our strategic footprint to extend the value chain through complementary NGL pipelines and other marketing and logistics infrastructure.

Making Promises and Delivering

Our operational performance, safety, environmental records and reliability are what earn us the right to partner with customers. 

Midstream Business Executive Q&A with Wouter van Kempen

Hart Energy’s Midstream Business magazine talks with Wouter van Kempen about the strategy that made DCP Midstream the top natural gas processor and top natural gas liquids producer. For the whole article click here.

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